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Purchase eligible products from our sponsors and earn points to send you and your staff to the 2024 NACUFS national conference in Louisville or any of the NACUFS spring conferences.

Spring and National NACUFS conferences offer great networking opportunities. Come see us in booth 201. The 2024 NACUFS national conference in Louisville, KY will be a perfect way for you and your staff to keep on top of the latest products and learn what's new and on-trend in the foodservice industry.

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Enroll in the Value Plus Program today - at no cost to you - and earn free travel and registration to your NACUFS Regional Conference and the National Conference. Earn points for each case of product you purchase from the Value Plus qualified products list from July 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

Then, redeem your Value Plus points towards your airfare, hotel, train, car mileage, and conference registration fees for NACUFS conferences for you and your staff! After you enroll, we'll send you a User ID and Password so you can track the number of points you’ve earned online.

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Only self-operated colleges and universities that are members of NACUFS qualify for the Value Plus program. Contract-managed colleges and universities are not eligible.

Why Manufacturers Love the Program

What is Value Plus?

Now in its 37th year, Value Plus is the longest running Self-Operated college and university loyalty or “frequent buyer” program. This category exclusive, multi-manufacturer program delivers loyalty and operator retention.

Why Partner With The Value Plus Program?

The Value Plus Program provides complete college purchasing data tracking case growth down to the SKU level with online reporting and detailed push reporting. Value Plus compliments the sales/broker call by working together to secure the business. Manufacturers build brand awareness and market share. The program encourages and rewards trial and sampling. The program increases leverage with distributors. Colleges and Universities ask their DSR’s for Value Plus manufacturers by name.

How do we get started?

Contact Value Plus to learn how to become part of the Category Exclusive, Longest Running Loyalty Program for Self-Operated colleges and universities!

Why Colleges Love Us

What is Value Plus?

Value Plus is a "frequent buyer" loyalty program by which self-operated colleges and universities earn points for purchasing sponsor manufacturers' products and then redeem the points earned to attend NACUFS events. Value Plus is currently home to and committed to bringing your most preferred manufacturers, brands and products into the program.

Why Should We Join The Value Plus Program?

Colleges and Universities earn points for every program case purchased. Those points translate to dollars. C&Us can use those dollars to attend NACUFS National and Spring Conferences as well as continuing education sessions including: Online Learning, Symposiums, Virtual Town Halls, Webinars and Workshops. Joining the program is 100% free for Colleges and Universities and we don't sell your data.

How Do We Earn Points?

Simply send us your distributor proofs of purchase via: email, our website upload tool or let us set up a direct-from-distributor information feed. Points are earned on purchases made from July 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025 and all purchasing reports must be received by the program no later than April 15, 2025. In May, we will send you a summary of all points/monies earned.

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For more information about Value Plus, please call 1-888-778-9944.